Extreme DMOZ Extractor

Extreme DMOZ Extractor 1.1

EXTREME DMOZ Extractor is designed to parse DMOZ.ORG`s XML file...

EXTREME DMOZ Extractor is designed to parse DMOZ. ORG`s XML file that you can use to build a web directory or a portal. EXTREME DMOZ Extractor will extract the data inside the XML file.

You`re no longer need to know XML, EXTREME DMOZ Extractor will display the data in rows and columns like a spreadsheet. You can browse and navigate the data easily.

EXTREME DMOZ Extractor was designed in a web developer mind. We know that you do not only need to see the data, but also need to process the data.

You may need to filter the data, split that large file into a smaller file so you can open it in wordpad or MS Excel, or convert to your own data format to be used by other software such as INDEXU.